A Finnish F-18C landing (Photo by Rob Schleiffert (CC))

Russia kills its supply of electricity to Finland from 1AM on Saturday 14 May 2022. It’s Moscow’s punishment for Finland’s president and government announcement the Scandinavian country wants to join the NATO military alliance.

Featured photo: A Finnish F-18C Hornet multi-role fighter landing
(Photo by Rob Schleiffert (CC))

“The missing imports can be replaced by imports of more electricity from Sweden and partly also through Finnish production,” states Reima Päivinen, director of Fingrid’s operations, the energy authority of Finland, in a press release on 13 May. Normally Finland gets 10 percent of its power needs from Russia.

Russian agressor

On Thursday Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto and its Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced the expected bid (see Nordicreporter.com April story) for NATO, an extension of the country’s international commitment as it has also been an EU member since 1995. Years ago unthinkable, but seeing Russian aggressor Putin’s further invasion of Ukraine since 24 February this year, the Finnish public opinion and its government changed course.

“NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security. As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defence alliance. Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay. We hope that the national steps still needed to make this decision will be taken rapidly within the next few days,” the joint statement of Niinisto and Marin reads.

Turkey to stop Finland, Sweden

Meanwhile media report that NATO member Turkey’s leader wishes to stop Finland, and Sweden, to become members of the alliance, as Turkish president Erdogan apparently is not happy with the critical stand of the Scandinavian countries on rights of the Kurdish people, human rights and other issues. If Erdogan will succeed in blocking Finland and possibly Sweden is unsure.

In Sweden a majority of the country’s parliamentary parties see NATO as the best way to safeguard safety. Possibly on Monday 16 May Sweden might announce it wants to apply to the alliance as well. | © 2022 Marcel Burger, nordicreporter.com