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Will The Bridge Be Closed?

Published on : by Marcel Burger

How does Saga Norén feel about that! The current Swedish government contemplates to close down THE entrance to mainland Scandinavia: The Bridge, aka Bron or actually Öresundsbron or Øresundsbron. The responsible minister says “only in a crisis situation” but she immediately connects it to “the refugees”. Interesting detail: the Danish anti-immigrants party DF already came up with this idea in 2002. Does Sweden take a 13 year step back into history? Yesterday I chatted with host Lieven Vandenhaute on Belgian public Radio 1 about this remarkable Swedish law proposal for a leftist government which will have huge consequences for many. (recording no longer available online)

Sweden Unable to Cope With Refugees Stream

Published on : by Marcel Burger

When it comes to refugees, Sweden is one of the most hospitable countries in Europe. From the beginning of the refugee crisis, the country took in large numbers of people. Until last week, because according to Sweden the limit has been reached. The country cannot receive more refugees than it currently does and is even going to introduce border controls.

For NOS Nieuwsuur I coproduced a balance report with Europe Reporter Saskia Dekkers and camera man Pieter Nijdeken. Read more and see the report at