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Foreign Language Not Allowed At Belgian Schools? In Sweden No Problem.

Published on : by Marcel Burger

When the teacher and the correspondent in me blend into one: a rare happening this hour on national Radio 1 in Belgium. While speaking other languages on the school yard in Belgium is by many already considered equal to cursing, in Sweden mother tongue languages and teaching has been actively part of regular Swedish schools for decades. A hot debate in Belgium is whether e.g. Dari, Pashtu or Arabic should even be allowed on the school’s premises. (recording no longer available online)

Swedish vs Belgian Way of Living: Heating Included In Rent Yes/No

Published on : by Marcel Burger

In Sweden heating is often included in the monthly rent, and this is seen as a good example by some in other European countries. Time for a chat on Belgian public Radio 1 in Nieuwe feiten (New Facts), my third radio performance in a week time. 00:41:20 into the broadcast followed by the nice Laleh song En stund på jorden. (recording no longer available online)

Sweden: Key in US-North Korean Diplomacy

Published on : by Marcel Burger

Sweden may be key in preventing an all out nuclear war between the USA and North Korea. Why? Diplomatic ties between Stockholm and Pyongyang go back all the way to shortly after the end of the Korean War in the 1950s. I spoke about it all on Belgian public radio 1 last Friday in Nieuwe Feiten (New Facts), 00:14:25 into the broadcast, followed by a real Swedish song (Jens Hult – Tiden Före Mig). (recording no longer available online).

Integration Difficult in Sweden’s Suburbs

Published on : by Marcel Burger

In Sweden migrants often end up in the suburbs of Stockholm and Malmö, where their chances for a better future are slim. Residents feel excluded. Research shows that asylum seekers commit not more crimes than Swedish natives. But in the suburbs, gangs of second-generation migrants cause a lot of trouble. Eleven people have died in settlements in the underworld this year.

Very proud of the report for Dutch public TV I’ve made with reporter Rudy Bouma and cameraman Dennis Hilgers on life in Stockholm’s suburbs. Aired last night, it is now also available online (halfway on the linked page, a lot in Swedish and English). Our biggest challenge: putting 35 hours of work this weekend into 7,5 minutes of air time.

Note: the Swedish conservative party (Moderaterna: 2nd largest in parliament and main opposition party) didn’t want to meet us despite our efforts.

This was the second time I’ve been on assignment in Husby and the place looked a lot worse than 3 years ago. We met many nice, but sometimes also a bit scared and often disappointed people. Not everybody wanted to say something on camera, but many had fascinating stories to tell.

Read more and watch the report at

Bob Dylan: No Word On His Nobelprize

Published on : by Marcel Burger

First Bob Dylan concert in 4 months, last night in Stockholm, was perfectly Dylan. No word on his Nobelprize he collected, he just sang. Actually he said nothing at all. No “hello”, no “bye”, just singing and grinning. His 5-men strong band was awesome but as I tweeted “Hearing Bob Dylans poetic qualities is hard, but fans just love his singing. Most popular last night: Desolation row; Highway 61 Revisited.” Morning chat on VRT Radio 1 show De Ochtend: 20 minutes into the broadcast. (recording no longer available online)