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Greta Thunberg’s GOP24 Speech Impresses

Published on : by Marcel Burger

My live radio chat today on Belgian Radio 1 (VRT): 15 year young Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg held a kick-ass speech ( to the world leaders in Katowice (GOP24), Poland accusing them of stealing the future, but it is her own country Sweden that lets her down first, cutting e.g. SEK 2 billion (!) in positive environment and climate measures next year.

My contribution at 00:44:40 into the broadcast (no longer available online). Thunberg’s speech below.

Companies do not take menstruation seriously

Published on : by Marcel Burger

Do companies take menstruation seriously? That is a hot debate in Sweden, a country often referred to as doing good in women’s rights. But not good enough.

Companies provide toilet paper, but no tampons, and they should. If your period is so heavy that you cannot work, you also miss half or perhaps a whole month’s salary on an annual basis. After all, you must pay for the first working day that you take sick. And that is an inequality between men and women in society. An inequality that no longer fits, critics say.

Moreover there are no proper facilities for those with no office jobs. Female bus drivers sometimes have to change their bandages somewhere in the bushes between two bus stops. Post based on my radio caht in Nieuwe feiten on Belgian Radio 1, 20 November 2018, together with sexologist Heleen Debruyne and show host Lieven Vandenhaute. Feature photo by Israel Palacio/Unsplash

Elections Sweden 2018: A Sharp Turn to the Right?

Published on : by Marcel Burger

Making a balanced report on Sweden in the heated atmosphere before Sunday’s elections isn’t easy. In the end we choose Gothenburg as our place to be. A week’s worth of production, including three film days on location, in 7,5 minutes of air time. Broadcasted on 9 September 2018, for you to watch online (halfway on the page), all interviews in Swedish or English, under the headline Will Sweden turn sharply to the right tomorrow?

Read more and see the report here:

Leader of Democracy Centre Accused of Being Undemocratic

Published on : by Marcel Burger

The Swedish government is threatening to withdraw the Swedish subsidies for Idea, an international knowledge centre for democracy. Reason: former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme is under fire for his “authoritarian leadership” of the centre.

“Serious shortcomings” in and mistrust in Idea’s management. Also, Leterme seems to have channelled Swedish tax money to pay his Belgian taxes, something Stockholm is not amused about.

Even if this may be legally in order the Swedish undersecretary for Development Cooperation says “it smells strange”. Sweden pays 5 million euros to a very nice office for Leterme in the centre of Stockholm. When Sweden cuts in its subsidies it would not be the first time a country has turned off the tap. Problems of the past plague Idea.

When Yves Leterme moved to Stockholm, he told Swedish media that he would receive less salary and that he would pay for his own apartment in Stockholm. Now three years later it has become apparent that he has used Swedish tax money to pay his Belgian taxes. The goodness that he seems to have at the beginning is gone with the wind. Post based on my chat in the morning show De Ochtend on Belgian Radio 1, 22 August 2018. Feature photo by Israel Palacio/Unsplash

Sweden Preps Its Citizens For War

Published on : by Marcel Burger

Sweden is prepping its citizens for war, fake news, terror and other crises. All 5 million households will receive a 20 pages set of instructions that includes Don’t trust news the resistance stops, we will never give up. Even beyond the Scandinavian borders the Swedish approach has made headlines, including in the UK. I’ve talked about it live on Belgian Radio 1 yesterday afternoon, 01:21:40 into the broadcast. (broadcast no longer available online)

Based on the Adventures of a King: Vasaloppet is Sweden’s Biggest Sports Event

Published on : by Marcel Burger

A late night, an early morning at the Vasaloppet, Sweden’s biggest yearly sports event every first Sunday of March and based on the adventures of a king. Just before 8 o’clock this morning I’ve chatted on Belgian Radio 1 about this all plus beautiful Dalarna. Check 49 minutes into the broadcast. (no longer available online).