The Koran

The Swedish Migration Authority is deporting “Quran burner” Salwan M. from Sweden, Swedish broadcasting company SVT reports.

The man has burned several times the Quran, leading to riots elsewhere in the world and protests in Sweden. The 3-years-permit for temporarily stay of Salwan M. is ending soon, and will not be extended, the Migration Authority has confirmed. According to SVT photos of Salwan M. bearing weapons and being part of a military militia have surfaced, which are ground to the deporting order. Salwan M. has until mid-April next year to leave.

The burning of the Quran has gotten Sweden into trouble. Some say it is one of the reasons Turkish president Erdogan uses to delay Swedish NATO membership. The Swedish police has often allowed the holy book burnings, on the ground of freedom of expression. Other say Salwan M. is inciting hatred towards Muslim people and that the police interprets the law wrongly. The Swedish Prime Minister has condemned the Quran burnings, but has no legal power to stop them as the decision making on protests has been de-politicized in Sweden. | © 2023 Marcel Burger,