AstraZeneca lab testing (Press photo: Astra Zeneca)

The Swedish-British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca calls all of its COVID vaccination medication back, from everywhere. The news has not been officially confirmed yet, but is out in practically all international media. According to sources, low sales will be given as the reason, but experts were quick in pointing out the severe side effects of the drugs.

Although rare, since 2021 at least 81 death were reported in Great Britain alone, caused by this by-effect: blood clots in combination with a low platelet count in the vaccinated person. Several hundreds were severely harmed, but survived.

Swedish authorities prohibited the AstraZeneca vaccination as of July 2021, after looking into the side effects. AstraZeneca has always maintained that its meds saved 6.5 million people in the first round of vaccinations, but also admitted in February this year that its COVID meds could cause the mentioned side effect. | © 2024 Marcel Burger, Press photo of lab testing by AstraZeneca (general photo, does not show COVID testing)