View of Riga from St. Peter's church, Latvia, 7 August 2012. Photo by Diego Delso (CC)

Latvia nationalizes the so-called Moscow House in Riga. Officially called Railway Culture House, it was built and owned by Yuri Luzhkov, when he was Mayor of Moscow in the beginning of the 2000s. The Latvian State Security Service reported last year that the building on Marija Street was used as a Russian cover for anti-Latvian activities.

Featured photo: View of Riga (Photo by Diego Delso (CC))

The law comes into effect today, one day after the Latvian parliament approved the bill. State police will enter the building, and the law says that that all that is inside must be transferred to the State of Latvia. Moveable items are allowed to be taken by those currently inside the building, are allowed to be taken away this week.

Plans initially called for the Moscow House to be given to Ukraine, but it will be more likely that the building will be sold through auction, Latvian media report. | © 2024 Marcel Burger,