Artillery ammo (Photo: Vslv (CC))

The Danish armed forces will buy the former ammunition production plant Krudten in Elling to restart production for the Danish armed forces. The idea launched three weeks ago by the Danish Minister of Defence will become reality. It is an indirect result of the war in Ukraine, where ammo deliveries to the Ukrainian armed forces left stocks in Europe at low levels.

The factory in Elling was sold in 2008 to Denex, the weapons manufacturer ended its production in 2020. It was and will be the sole location in Denmark were military grade ammunition will be produced. Like many western nations Denmark donated a lot of its stocks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and is now in great need for new ammo. Levels of almost all NATO countries are substantially down, due to shipments to Ukraine. Moreover, Europe has too little ammo production to keep up with the demand.

Danish Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said on 24 September his country was investigating buying the site back. Denmark sees the plant as a great opportunity to become more independent and deliver much needed ammunition to the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to reports, NATO countries are considering financial support for reopening the Danish plant in Elling. At the location of the plant ammunition was already made since 1676, and from 1968 it was the only location in Denmark doing so. | © 2023 Marcel Burger, Photo by Vslv (CC)