Gyrihaugen radar plan (Computer rendering by Forsvarsbygg)

The Norwegian military is renewing its air defence radar network. Eight new radar installations will be place across the country. But, it is not as easy as it seems. The first new radar planned, north of Oslo, will interfere with other systems in the area, and the armed forces need to find a different location.

New extensive interference and robustness tests carried out by the Norwegian Defence Research Institute (FFI) show that the radar cannot be placed on Gyrihaugen because it will interfere with other installations in adjacent areas, a statement by the Norwegian Armed Forces reads.

It is a set-back for NATO’s Northern flank, as Gyrihaugen would be the first set of “new eyes” to become operational from 2025. In total five radar systems will be established in new locations, while three existing locations will be renewed. The last of eight new radars is planned to be operational by 2030, at the latest. Forsvarsbygg, the real estate authority within the armed forces, is seeking to buy up land in Vestvågøy in Nordland, Vardø in Finnmark, Namsos in Trøndelag and Vågsøy in Sogn og Fjordane. Plus the new place for the Gyrihaugen radar. The other locations will be in Os og Tolga in Hedmark and Bjerkreim og Eigersund in Rogaland.

Construction of a new road to Gyrihaugen was already underway but will now be stopped. When the new location for safeguarding Oslo will be selected is not yet clear. | © 2023 Marcel Burger, Featured artistic rendering by Forsvarsbygg