Flirtnex (Press photo by Stadler)

The 17 new long distance, night trains that Norwegian railway company Norske Tog is buying from the Swiss firm Stadler will have their own Viking ship for kids on board. The “ship” is shown on released press material.

From 2027 the new trains should be visible cruising through the Norwegian landscape. Although the deal closed recently mentions 17 trains only, option for up to 100 are included in the arrangement. The first train of the type, Flirtnex, is already expected in 2025 – when it will commence testing on Norway’s tracks.

Stadler is known in Norway. It already has delivered 150 Flirt trains of a different type. The new Flirtnex will have sleeping chairs, sleeping compartments, a bistro and a family wagon with – apparently – could have a wooden Viking ship installed for the kids judging the interior design propositions released by Norske Tog.

The new trains will have a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph) and can accommodate up to 542 seats. It can run on both electrified as well as non-electrified tracks. | © 2023 Marcel Burger, Featured press computer-rendered Flirtnex train image by Stadler