Volvo S60 (Photo by PXHere)

Kristian D, who was sentenced in 2021 in Sweden for spying on Scania and Volvo Cars, gave the codes of Volvo’s autonomous driving on a USB stick to Russian “diplomat”.

The discovery made by investigative journalists of the Scandinavian national broadcasting companies SVT, DR, NRK and Yle has been confirmed by Swedish intelligence services. The publication of the facts is part of a documentary series Shadow war (Skuggskriget) on which the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish TV journalists worked on.

The documentary series mapped Russian intelligence efforts to obtain critical industrial, political, geographical and military data from Scandinavia. It also includes the observations of more than two dozen Russian ships and vessels that secretly have been spying or preparing sabotage of subsea communication cables and other critical infrastructure. This has also led to Denmark seeking the possibility to declare no-go areas for all naval activities around its offshore wind farms.

According to military annalist, including a Swedish national security police spokesperson to SVT, self-driving codes could help Russia’s military advance faster forward in technological development. | © 2023 Marcel Burger, Featured photo of Volvo S60: FXHere (Free)