Hard-pressed Uppsala Academic Hospital refuses close to a million euro, while depriving the staff from food

Throwing away between 720,000 and one million euro while trying to get the finances under control. A decision by its management has put the Uppsala Academic Hospital, a leading medical facility in Sweden, soon out of a good option to feed the thousands of staff while they are fighting the COVID19 pandemic. Featured image: Sjukhus, […]

Risky Business in Sweden: 220,000 Litres of Oil Resting on Drinking Water to help Microsoft

The 14th largest city of Sweden can be entirely without drinking water if a new electricity generator containing 220,000 litres of oil breaks open. The municipality’s environmental office has said no to constructing it, but Gävle’s politicians are overruling this. At stake is the city’s good name, as the power house will support the new […]