The Valmiera plant in Latvia needs another few weeks to have its first locally build Patria 6×6 armoured personnel carrier rolling out of the plant. It is the result of about 1,000 work hours by 5 employees, Latvian television (LSM) reports.

Finnish Patria set up shop in Latvia, to provide the Latvian armed forces with its successful infantry vehicle, while providing jobs to now 30 technicians plus administration staff.

200 Patrias for the Latvian armed forces

According to LSM, 25 locally produced Patrias are to be delivered this year. The factory was opened as late as May this year. Latvian orders from 2021 call for 200 Patrias, with the last rolling out of the factory in 2029.

Sweden biggest Patria user

The Latvian production is part of a multinational cooperation between Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Germany. For now, 700 Patria 6x6s are planned to be built in the participating countries. With 341 on order, Sweden will be the biggest user of the latest versions of the Finnish military vehicle design. | © 2024 Marcel Burger, Press photo by Patria.