DENMARK, 11 SEP 2023: Clashes in Copenhagen between rival Eritrean groups on 10 September, with 67 arrest among the rioters.


After 30 years of independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia, those pro and contra the Eritrean dictator seem to settle their difference more often with violence these days. Events of the one are being countered by the others more massively than before. Smaller clashes are not new in Scandinavia, but after larger fights in Bergen (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and now Copenhagen the situation seems to escalate. Fights also erupted in Zürich and, in July, in Giessen in Germany, among other places. A clash at the Eritrean cultural festival in Stockholm on 3 August – where reportedly many children were present too – left 52 people wounded, many severely. | © 2023 Marcel Burger,