GREENLAND, 14 SEP 2023: The cruise ship Ocean Explorer that got stuck in a fjord in Greenland on 12 September, has been pulled free.


A fishery research vessel managed to pull it off during high tide. The ship will call port to assess the damage, and the passengers will be flown home from there, Danish media report.

GREENLAND, 12 SEP 2023: Cruise ship Ocean Explorer with 206 people on board has gone aground in the Alpefjord of Greenland, where the Nordøstgrønland National Park is situated, on Tuesday. The Danish military – Greenland is a semi-autonomous country, under Danish rule – has sent patrol vessel P570 Knud Rasmussen to the area. But it will take days for it to sail the more than 1,200 kilometres (about 650 nautical miles) to the Ocean Explorer. The Danish Arctic Command hopes the vessel is able to get itself free with high tide.