The Nordic Reporter includes stories Made by Magmar

As of the end of August The Nordic Reporter includes all the stories Made by Magmar over the past two years. One brand to cover it all, comprising of this website with travels, backgrounds, insights, links to my journalistic production and radio talks, access to my extensive photo portfolio plus the Sweden travel guide book I wrote a decade ago.

The Nordic Reporter is also a very active Twitter account with the latest news from Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea area and an Instagram account to share some of the places in Europe I find too beautiful to keep to myself.

With The Nordic Reporter I commit myself more clearly to what I actually always have been since I moved from the Netherlands to Sweden in 2006: a graduated all-round journalist that keeps a keen eye on the whole of Scandinavia, almost 24/7.

I can be your key-note speaker on almost anything Nordic”

Some people might even know me as a language educator, currently running my eight year as a Dutch mother tongue teacher and study coach to kids of the ages 5 to 19, with one or both parent(s) emigrated from the Netherlands or Belgium to Sweden. My teaching is done within the Swedish Education System, where the use of the child’s native languages is seen as a gateway to improved integration. I am even a licenced Teacher in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) EQF5, because I find languages cool to master and to do something practical with them.

I regularly chat on Belgian Radio 1 about what happens up “here” and can be the key-note speaker you have been looking for, both to shed light on events and processes in the Nordic societies as well as the Swedish education system.

Teaching is nothing if one doesn’t learn at the same time”

As the Nordic Reporter I currently work solo, but I am not a soloist. Because making news requires teamwork, and teaching is nothing if one doesn’t learn at the same time from the people you’ve meet, no matter how young or old they are.

I love joining forces with influencers, creative minds, news makers, dreamers of amazing ideas and maybe even you. So drop me a line through one of the channels or mail me directly at hallo(at)

Enjoy my work and hopefully we’ll meet in real life somewhere soon.

~ Marcel Burger

Featured photo: me being clearly very happy at the Swedish High Coast (Höga Kusten), where I was shooting part of the photos featuring in the very first Made by Magmar story, written by my friend Magdalena Pezdek (courtesy). Click here to experience this story Swedes love nature, here is why.

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