At least three people killed in the 22 July shooting on the Norwegian island of Utøya were elected to Norwegian municipality councils on 12 September.

Data from the electoral commissions and Norway’s Labour Party on Thursday show that Bano Rashid, Diderik Aamodt-Olsen and Rolf Christopher Johansen Perreau were elected to council member. Like twelve other Utøya dead, they were on the electoral lists and their families did not want them to be taken off.

In Rygge, where the Norwegian army’s belated anti-terror unit is based, 17-year-old Jonas Lubinski Johansen has been elected to the council. He was hit by three bullets on Utøya, but survived the attack.

Anders Behring Breivik is the only suspect in prison for the massacre on the island and the bombing in Olso that preceded it. In all, 77 people died. It is not known whether the council seats of the dead will actually remain empty. | © 2011 Marcel Burger for ANP News Agency (original published in Dutch on 12 September 2011)