A private school in Danish Århus has ties to ultra-right and the secret ORG network that since the 1980s has allegedly been trying to “cleanse” Denmark of foreigners and “traitors” who help foreigners.

Danish media reported this on Friday. The school leader denies she is part of any underground resistance, but admits, according to the quality newspaper Politiken, that she knows people within the right-wing extremist Den Danske Forening (DDF) and that a well-known extremist “as one of the many” may have helped with setting up the school. The name of the school leader is in internal documents of the extremist network ORG, which Politiken has gotten its hands on.

The Århus Privatskole has about two hundred students and its website focuses on Danish history, culture and Christian Danish values. | © 2011 Marcel Burger for ANP News Agency (originally in Dutch on 12 August 2011, previously unpublished)